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Modestas Law Offices welcomes inquiries from attorneys and law firms interested in referring a case or matter to us or establishing a continuing referral arrangement in any of our practice areas. We do not take referrals for granted and are always appreciative for them. We will be glad to discuss any concerns or questions a referring attorney or law firm may have.

We always treat attorney communications regarding referrals with the utmost professionalism and high priority. We never delegate those inquiries or follow up communications to staff to handle at their convenience.

We have paid referral fees on cases involving many different types of agreements with clients, including contingency, fixed fee, hourly, fee-shifting, and hybrid. All referral arrangements comply with ARDC regulations and malpractice insurance policy terms.

We are open to having a co-counsel relationship on cases at any point from initial retention through trial and appeals. We have also been retained behind the scenes to assist counsel who are inexperienced in a particular area of law or need to get a matter back on track.

For more information about referring clients or other arrangements, please contact Saul Modestas directly.

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