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Personal Injury

When you are injured in the accident, your immediate concern is getting proper medical attention to address the injuries and ensure a quick recovery. Afterwards, if someone else may be at fault for the accident, you should talk with our experienced B… Read More

Auto Accidents

Being injured in a car accident is a frightening experience. Your first concern should be getting the medical care you need and making sure your injuries are properly and fully diagnosed. If you’ve been seriously injured, and the accident was cause… Read More

Truck Accidents

When an accident involves any kind of truck, the occupants of passenger vehicles are most at risk for serious injuries. Those injuries are often severe or even fatal, so if the truck driver is at fault, the injured victim and his or her family are of… Read More

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders and passengers are more exposed than occupants of any other type of motor vehicle. When a motorcycle is in an accident, the rider and passengers often suffer severe, life-changing injuries. Yet many insurance companies take a tough… Read More

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riders are vulnerable no matter where they ride. Whether cycling on a busy city street, a quiet neighborhood street, or a rural road, a cyclist is exposed to all kinds of dangers. Careless or reckless drivers, suddenly opening car doors, and… Read More

Pedestrian Accidents

A number of research studies and statistical reports indicate that pedestrian accident injuries are rising, both across the country and in Illinois. Pedestrians are totally unprotected from cars and trucks, so victims often suffer severe injuries. If… Read More


Bankruptcy For individuals, married couples, and businesses, sometimes accumulated debt becomes overwhelming. Occurrences like layoffs, major illnesses, and divorce can put so much strain on your resources that your financial situation keeps getting worse, no m… Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy. “Chapter 7” refers to a section of the United States Bankruptcy Code, the federal law that governs the process. It is sometimes referred to as the “fresh start” process or a “straight… Read More

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is referred to as a wage earner’s plan. It is available to individuals with regular income who are able to develop a plan to pay off some or all of their debts by making regular payments to the bankruptcy court. “Chapter 13… Read More
Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate For most people, a real estate purchase or sale is one of the most significant events that occurs during their lives. Not only do real estate transactions involve significant sums of money, but deciding on the home where you and your family will live… Read More


In any business, there are times when you as the business owner simply cannot solve a problem yourself and need to enlist the help of legal counsel. When you bring a business problem to Modestas Law, we start by thoroughly analyzing the situation wit… Read More

Consumer Rights

There are many federal and state laws that protect consumers against fraud and abuse when they purchase products and services. When something goes wrong with a product you purchase or a service that a company has provided, the business usually steps… Read More

Debt Collection Abuse

At Modestas Law, we help consumers who suffer from abusive debt collection practices that violate the the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, often referred to as the “FDCPA.” If a debt collector violates the act, the consumer can sue the… Read More

Credit Reporting Problems

At Modestas Law, we help consumers who suffer from credit reporting agencies, information suppliers, or users denying them rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, also know as the “FCRA.” You should know your rights under the law so y… Read More


There are two situations relating to car purchases that consumers encounter with some frequency: unlawful repossession and dealer fraud in the financing part of the transaction. At Modestas Law, we help consumers who are victimized in both of these c… Read More

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