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With more than 15 years litigating in Illinois courts, Modestas Law has substantial experience representing businesses and individuals in many different types of court actions, including:

  • Representing clients in more than 500 federal and state cases in Illinois;
  • Handling bench and jury trials, including trials in all six district courthouses in Cook County;
  • Conducting numerous arbitrations in Cook County, DuPage County, and Will County, including many as a Certified Arbitrator by the Circuit Court of Cook County;
  • Participating in mediations, federal and state court settlement conferences, and American Arbitration Association (AAA) arbitrations;
  • Preparing appeals to the Illinois Appellate Court;
  • Representing dozens of clients before government agencies, including the Illinois Department of Labor, Illinois Department of Employment Security, Illinois Secretary of State, Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, and the City of Chicago Municipal Hearings Division.

In addition, we have appeared in more than 850 bankruptcy cases in Illinois and have successfully completed hundreds of real estate transactions.


Results matter — whether in a lawsuit, a bankruptcy, or a real estate or business transaction — there is no doubt about it. No matter how experienced a lawyer is and how good the customer service is, at the end of the day, everyone wants results.

From the initial contact from a potential new client or referral of a new matter from an old one, we focus on the end game and the best strategy to get there. Whether using traditional methods or unorthodox tactics, we will do our best to get you where you want to go.

Customer Service

We understand that even though we may have been involved in thousands of legal matters over the years, your legal matter may be the only one you ever have. We explain things patiently and thoroughly in plain language, to make sure you understand what’s going on and aren’t surprised or confused. If you don’t understand what’s going on, then we aren’t doing our job.

We are flexible with how we communicate with clients and try to respond quickly via your preferred method, whether it's in person, phone, text, email, or video. Whatever it takes is fine with us.

Choose Modestas Law

We invite you to learn more about our practice areas and look forward to working with you for any legal matter you bring to us.

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